Woman on the phone with Evansville murder victim shares her story

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Published: Dec. 5, 2022 at 6:52 PM CST
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EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Police say 44-year-old Clifton Fletcher shot 37-year-old Gamia Stuart several times in front of her apartment on Clayton Avenue on Sunday.

Police say when Stuart was shot, she was on the phone with her friend, Whitney Gregory.

14 News sat down with Gregory today to go over the relationship between Gregory and Stuart, Stuart’s relationship with Fletcher, and that final call between Gregory and Stuart.

The following is an excerpt from one of the 911 calls Sunday morning:

“Somebody just shot and killed somebody outside my apartment.”

“Okay, can you give me a description of the person that had the gun that shot and killed the person.”

“He’s riding in a white Chevy Tahoe. He just, he’s going toward Covert.”

Stuart has two children and had many friends.

Her neighbors liked her, and she had just started seeing somebody new in the past few months.

Those are all things and people she’s leaving behind.

Stuart dated one man, 44-year-old Clifton Fletcher, known as Cliff, for around seven years.

This coming February, they’ll have been broken up for a year.

It’s something Fletcher didn’t take well. Just ask Stuart’s best friend, Whitney Gregory.

“It stayed kind of steady, as long as he knew she was at home,” says Gregory, “she wouldn’t even really talk to another guy or do anything because she didn’t want to put anybody else in harm’s way.”

Gregory says Fletcher stalked Stuart incessantly, following her in her car, watching her at home, and even sleeping all night in his car outside of her apartment.

She says her, Stuart, and their other friends and family joked about the stalking and harassment originally.

“It was never harmless I guess. I shouldn’t say harmless, because at the end of the day it was never harmless,” says Gregory, “it was all psychotic, and mental, and sick.”

She says Stuart called her on Sunday to say Fletcher was following her again.

Gregory says Stuart always called her when she was having run-ins with Fletcher.

This call was different though.

Stuart called out, and said Gregory’s first name, Whitney.

“I didn’t hear anything for a minute, and I just kept saying her name, and I just waited, and then some lady picked up her phone and told me that he had shot her in the face,” says Whitney, tears in her eyes.

Whitney is the last word Stuart said.

Police say she died on her front lawn from receiving multiple gunshot wounds.

Gregory says looking back, there are things that she obviously wish were different, but she’s working on making her peace with the situation.

“For me to know that my name was the last word out of her mouth, you know, and, her sister asked me, ‘did she yell it, did she scream it?’ I’m like no, she just was like, ‘Whitney,’” says Gregory.

Gregory says they had tried to get Stuart to get the police involved, but she says Stuart was kind, and didn’t want to see anything bad happen to Fletcher.

Fletcher was in court today for his probable cause hearing.

His next court date is December 8.